As the financial industry’s business volume increases, so does their financial information and data intake. The growth in financial information is unprecedented, so the Financial Institutes have to heighten their requirements for data storage capacity, safety and reliability.

To further explore the future application of cloud computing in the Financial Industry, share the best practice of how to build a green and stable data center and create a secure and efficient private cloud architecture,  “ Cloud Computing in the Financial Institutions 2014” will be held on the 23rd to 25th of April, 2014 in Xiamen, China.

Major Issues to be addressed at the 2014 event



Private Cloud Solutions

The run of private cloud platform can provide date, security and service quality with effective control, improve the efficiency of the bank operation and reduce the management cost. This summit will help the bank to build a private cloud platform, expansion to the equipment while ensuring the safety and confidentiality of data transmission.



Virtualization and Storage Solution
Virtualization has played a huge role in the delivery of large-scale date center management and solution, which is the most important technical foundation to support the cloud computing. In the meantime, from the service ability of cloud computing, storage is also inseparable. The summit is focusing on the using experience of storage and virtualization from banks.

Data center hardware solution
Driving the green data center movement, and central in any efficiency discussion is power and cooling systems. Whether designing and building out a critical facility or upgrading your legacy system data center managers must be up to date with all available power and cooling options. Sessions within this conference theme will look at techniques and technologies that will maximize your PUE and get you on the path toward efficiency and cost savings.




“Very informative, well-organized event”
Bank of Shanghai


“The activities promote communication between the banks, Securities, Insurance and equipment and facility providers.”
Beijing Rural Commercial Bank


“This event has provided us with very good contacts and a platform in which to strengthen communication between each other.”
China Pacific Insurance (Group)Co.,Ltd


“Very good”
Harbin Bank


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